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Rainbow Soap Roses Lacey Bouquet


Introducing our exquisite “Rainbow Soap Roses Lacey Bouquet” – a breathtaking combination of our signature rainbow-coloured soap roses adorned with delicate lace, all wrapped in transparent paper to create a stunning bouquet. Each soap rose is carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting. The vibrant colours of the roses evoke a sense of joy and playfulness, while the delicate lace adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. This bouquet is perfect for those looking for a unique and memorable gift for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with this stunning bouquet that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Order now and experience the magic of our Rainbow Soap Roses Lacey Bouquet!

3 reviews for Rainbow Soap Roses Lacey Bouquet

  1. Azim hazani (verified owner)

    From A.

  2. Wan afiq ikhwan

    Its nice

  3. Vincent


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