Mix Flowers in Vase


Introducing our “Mix Flowers in Vase,” a stunning arrangement that combines a variety of exquisite blooms to create a harmonious display of beauty and charm. This delightful floral ensemble is expertly arranged by our talented florists to bring joy and elegance to any space.

In this captivating mix, you’ll find a delightful assortment of flowers carefully selected for their unique textures, colours, and fragrances. The arrangement features an enchanting blend of roses, cappuccino roses, carnations, eustoma, green bell, chamomiles, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus. Each flower brings its own special touch, adding depth and character to the overall composition.

At Miss Moonig Floral & Design, we understand that the availability of certain flowers may vary from time to time. Rest assured, our skilled florists will expertly replace any unavailable flowers with equally beautiful alternatives, ensuring that your arrangement remains stunning and cohesive.

To enhance the presentation and ensure the safe delivery of your arrangement, we place the beautiful mix of flowers in a transparent vase. The vase adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design, making it a perfect centrepiece for any occasion or a thoughtful gift to express your sentiments.

For added convenience and protection during transit, we carefully place the vase in a box. This not only ensures that your arrangement arrives in pristine condition but also adds an extra element of surprise and anticipation for the recipient.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, expressing your love, or simply brightening someone’s day, our “Mix Flowers in Vase” is a timeless choice that will convey your heartfelt emotions with grace and beauty. Let this enchanting arrangement from Miss Moonig Floral & Design be a source of joy and inspiration.

Order your “Mix Flowers in Vase” today and let us create a stunning floral masterpiece that will captivate the senses and create lasting memories. Enjoy the convenience of our delivery services, covering Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and trust our dedicated team to ensure that your gift is delivered with care and on time.

Experience the artistry of Miss Moonig Floral & Design and let our passion for flowers transform any occasion into a cherished moment.

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